Thursday, May 30, 2013

it felt like summer...

  All through April and the early weeks of May we were lost in magical moments of early summer. It seemed like a dream, and then familiar clouds rolled in, sore throats returned, coughs stirring up again and here we are right in the middle of what feels like deep Fall. Autumn is what the Pacific Northwest does best and it is the default weather season most of the time... I'm a little cranky, feeling cheated. I'm certainly at a crossroads in almost every way: romance, work, city of choice, blog (I feel like maybe I've outgrown blogspot and need to step up to type pad and mesh my personal and professional blogs into one.). A fortune cookie paper fell out of a thifted book the other day and it read:
"Make up your mind and do what you want to do."

 It might be time to really devote myself and decide if my religion truly is California (thanks lovely Mary for the amazing quote/post- I've been thinking about it A LOT!).
   In a few years my oldest will be off to college and my little one and I could move wherever. My oldest did say if he had to move anywhere during high school it would have to be California. Everything is open. I just have to decide/work/decide/write/work work work...
   Seattle used to be much cheaper than California but all the computer people and other sorts of yuppies have made the rents and opportunity of home ownership in the city close to impossible. I do have utility discounts and state health insurance for my children and I'm not sure how that works in California-I'm guessing it's not as accessible.  But my youngest has asthma and numerous allergies so it's not something I can pay for... sigh... any advice my lovely single mama/mama friends? And how is healthcare where you live. I'm flirting with the idea of finding a place where I can buy land and pretty open...

 We were lucky enough to find little tide pools here and there.

  I have been single since last Valentines Day (15 months!!).  I went on a few very ill fated dated w/people I knew who turned out to be ick and mehhhhh in a real situation so I just abandoned the idea and about a month ago decided I was ready. I feel ready for a little romance. I joined OkCupid a few days ago and mehhhh... let's just say I call it OkStupid cuz it's lame and just kind of awful and seems like it would take up way too much time to sift through all the shit, um, I mean people on there...
  And so on into June. It will be a month of vibrancy and wellness and beauty. May was a little rough on us. And my special woodland wondergirl will be here to visit sunday!! guess who? xo m

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