Tuesday, April 9, 2013

teeth, health care, root cellars, sniffles and life on earth...

  Today was a day! The usual work and mama duties (and joys) plus a 2 hour (if u want half price dentistry you gotta wait) dentist appointment. Guess who's getting a root canal in the next 2-6 weeks??? Me! My first (and let's hope only) journey into the realm of endodontics. I left the hospital with a referral, a packet of antibiotics, a bottle of vicodin and major appreciation for my otherwise wonderful health. Before my appointment, I chatted with a very kind, elderly lady who was missing a large portion of her upper skull due to cancer. Her teeth were rotting out and painful from the treatments. It broke my heart. Not only had she endured cancer but she was now waiting in the basement of the dental school with the working poor and a handful of junkies. I'm glad we at least had somewhere to go but of course I ended up thinking about the ridiculous U.S. healthcare system that is a privilege, not a right and basically only works for the rich or those who choose to (or can) sell their time to a corporation. It's frustrating and sad...
  I get major anxiety (uncontrollable heart racing freak outs) before I see a new dentist, I was trying to relax by daydreaming about our someday farm and thinking about root cellars. I love a good root cellar! This one below is from the recent taproot magazine. That magazine make me want to just pack up a bus and frontier on over to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire... dreamy!
 Growing up, there was a root cellar similar to the one below, near our house. It was on a country road, that we only ever traveled in a car and it was behind a fence of private property. One time we drove by and the front door was open to reveal that there was also a back door and it was open too! I was really happy I saw that.
 This root cellar looks like a Wyeth painting...
 and this pretty one might be my favorite.
 and I couldn't not show you this Hobbit style one! I want little rabbits or foxes to live in it...
  My little ones are getting over their sniffly early spring colds. I am so happy for this big beautiful earth. Happy that I am doing well enough with my various shops to even pay for half price dentist myself. Happy that the flowers are blooming and the sunsets are bright pink/blue and purple right now. Oh so happy and excited that I am going to meet a super magical lady this weekend for the very first time! Happy my tooth has simmered down and I can eat something a little crunchy tomorrow. Hope all of you (and your pearly whites!) are feeling lovely! xo m

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  1. Oooh man! I'm glad you're okay. I was gonna email and ask if you still wanted to come up, but yay you're coming! Also, root cellars, so my dream too. If only PNW wasn't so wet. See you soon. Let's check in via email say fri? xoxo


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