Sunday, January 6, 2013

candy colored hair

  Late nights and so much insomnia (trying to quit the coffee but sometimes end up having a breakdown latte late in the day...). And yeah, just thinking about hair color and mainly lots of colors. Added a few foils to my hair the other night but maybe need a few more. This is just important (silly) hair business!

I AM going to get some sleep tonight though. Maybe add some lilac to my hair tomorrow... xo m


  1. please post pics of your candy hair! for years i was pink and purple and now am reveling in the surprise of my natural color. but i need to live vicariously through others, so dye away and then share!!

  2. ok, I will! Gonna dj tonight so I'll get some pics. It looks kind jem & the holograms streaky right now, trying to decide how much more I want. I had red/pink/purple for years but there are just so many amazing dye options now so ... here I am 15 again... xo m

  3. oh do share :) would love to see...have fun adding the color ~Love Heather

  4. did you do it? i want to see!
    my daughter has plans to do a bright blue ombre so that she can enjoy as it fades through all the shades to a pale blue. i keep hearing about a chalk to temporarily color light hair? we also recently dabbled in no-fade human hair extensions in fun colors.
    i love silly hair business.

    p.s. been reading regularly and added you to my links, just haven't gotten to commenting :-)

  5. Wow, the orange/peach hair colour is absolutely stunning! It looks like the prettiest orange with highlights of the prettiest pink :) great job! They all look amazing <3


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