Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hair of dreams...

Oh dream hair... See it's all silky, choppy, roostery and black. Hair I will never have. My own hair is more of the Nancy Spungen variety. Weirdly curly and very pale... I get this hair cut but the shorter I chop my hair, the more apt it is to curl. But sometimes, after not washing, and sleeping on it and maybe wearing a hat... It kinda, sorta gets there...

 Dave Kusworth
 Keith Richards
 Patti Smith
 Nick Cave
 Siouxsie Sioux
and Dave again (his hair is soooo good!)

I'll be staying up late tomorrow night, playing records with my friend at a little bar down the street, excited!! xo m


  1. Oh don't get me started on hair hehehe My hair waves and goes in the most strangest of directions I just leave it alone now, I haven't even trimmed it since like january....I stopped fighting with it no dye, straightener, hair dryer. I just leave be to do its thing and thankfully it is much healthier. We always want what we can't have don't we! Have Fun ~I love records!! :) ~Love Heather

  2. oh man! when i was very little, my hair was wavy and thick and exactly what i've wanted my entire adult life. when i cut it short when i was 10, it grew back weirdly curly! so i know what you mean. i still haven't found a cut that i can just wake up and go with. someday!


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