Friday, October 5, 2012


  This last week has been sick/busy/stressful/full of work work work.. A camping trip, a dj nite and then a trip after my dj nite to the ER... And I am leaving for a week, come Sunday!! My first trip alone in about a year and a half and I'm attempting to carry on one small bag and that is making me feel kind of crazy... I tend to over pack, a lot...

new to me, portable record player

 pie, part one
 missing a friend, part one
end of summer blooms
 pie, part two
 missing friends, part two
 organizing my records
 Gwen playing records
 making biscuit eyes, the day after the ER, all is well.
 chamomile kombucha on tap
the full moon in the morning

    Now, off to do a few last minute lists and things before I start packing... xo m


  1. How do you do it all?!!? Excited for your trip, jealous of the record player (and collection!), man where is there booch on tap in Seatown?!?!? Happy Journeys.

  2. thanks lady! the booch is from chaco canyon in the u-dist. It's super good. They also have tap booch at oddfellows and plum on the hill. we'll do a tour next time yr in town!! xo m


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