Friday, October 19, 2012

new york & virginia

  You might have noticed the silence around here? I was away (kid free) in NY and Virginia for a whole week. New York is always surprising to me. I can't count on any feeling upon arrival. Like, you know how going "home" gives you that "home" feeling? To me, there are no "NY feelings", it's always different. This trip was a little crazy because we had to take the bus (those of you who have ever ridden greyhound understand the insanity...) to Virginia for my Brother's wedding. I like a vacation with no set plans.

 sugar binging at MILK bar... oh man, I had a sweets hangover big time after this.
 gluten free sweets binge at babycakes... the frosted cupcake tops were so delightful!
  It was an intense trip. It was so sweet to see my baby brother get married and I really enjoyed the cemeteries of Virginia (they get their own post, soon!) and spending time with sweet lady friends. Oh and I got 7 (it's true!!) little tattoos.  Now I have a million work/life errands and it's windy and pouring rain so time to get at it... xo m

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