Monday, October 22, 2012

the graveyard scene...

   The eve before and day of my birth found us happily exploring two different cemeteries in Virginia. We passed by the sprawling Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Va on our way to lunch and after lunch we were halfheartedly looking through vintage shops, when my friend said "Can we check out that cemetery?". YES! The Hollywood Cemetery is huge, with rolling hills and at the back, overlooks the James river. And there are so many old graves and local legends of a vampire.
 Graveyards are the hang out of choice for Gothic teens (and teens up to mischief in general). In my teens I spent many an afternoon writing in my journal and reading poetry amidst headstones or doing photo shoots with my girl friends. And at night-especially at midnight, we would meet boys and large groups of friends for drinking, dancing and hi-jinks at the cemetery. While there were many graveyards near where I grew up, few contained a great number of old headstones and crypts. In Virginia there are plenty of super old graves. This post will be a sure test of who is a true Gothic at heart among my readers...
 W.W. Pool was the crypt that the Richmond Vampire retreated to... So spoooooky!

 Monroe was our 5th President. His grave is on the sweetest spot at the top of a hillside, with an amazing wrought iron Gothic cage covering it.

  In the South (and as we were told, Virginia is just the tip of Dixie-so I imagine it's more intense in the deeper southern states...) there are Confederate flags EVERYWHERE! It was really shocking to see, coming from genteel, inoffensive Seattle. You would never really see a union jack here. I've seen one-on a red pickup truck, but that's it. A lot of people in Virginia seem to love those things...

 sweet sleep...

I can't think of a more perfect name! I've always been fond of "Imogene" but Black Bell, whoa, takes it into the magical realm. Now off to pursue some big things in the work arena. I'm super excited to share but need to wait until it's all for sure... soon! xo m

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  1. Perfect post for the season. Having been one of those teens that hung out on graveyards, I find the ones in the American West sorely lacking in drama. This is a welcome infusion of gothic mysticism to me. Happy Monday! (Or is it dark, melancholy Monday!? :)


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