Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hello spring

   I collect found playing cards and read them as tarot. The cards have to be directly in my path-meant for me. Honestly, I find them a lot! I hang out in thrift stores/bins, daily, so cards are around. Lately it's the 9 of hearts or 10 of hearts day after day, over and over, it's getting pretty funny. I feel good about it as the 9 (bliss, harmony- wishes fulfilled, happiness, pleasure, material gain) & the 10 (positivity, goals realized, excitement, transformation) of hearts (cups, as the correspond to the tarot) are extremely positive and just lovely. I think they're telling me to chill. I'm here. I have everything I need. I'm good. I want to appreciate life as it's unfolding before me. Be in it and love life as it is. It's been quite good.
  I wonder how much my life has actually changed or if it's just my perspective that has shifted and moved into a place of contentment and gratitude. I don't dig drama. I enjoy kindness, beauty and sweetness and don't think I have to accept instability or conflict as a part of "real" life. Of course I know, yes, unpleasant things happen, but I want to be able to deal with challenges without disappearing into a vortex of victim-hood. These days, I try to practice being a problem solver and focus on how to get to where I want to be instead of reclining on my fainting couch crying my eyes out and woe is me-ing myself into oblivion.. I just want to be happy so I look at the wonderful people, experiences and opportunities in my life and choose to pour my love and energy into them.
  My Tigress twin gave me this beyond amazing Crescent moon bag. It's the most beautiful little bag. A true token of love.

  Interesting and intense developments in my earthly world and in the world of Tarot. My readings have been of a real expansive, transformative, positive big deal, romantic nature. Finally!a couple months back, I got used to seeing continual warnings (which I pretty much ignored) and was not loving my daily readings, so I took a break from Tarot for a bit. When I decided to take head of the Tarot advice and transition into a new phase/make changes, I came back to reading my cards and it's been lovely.

  At the start of each season, I feel sure IT is my favorite. Seasons are each so beautiful, in their own right, as they're just getting going! Spring is just breathtaking. All the blooming purples, blues, pinks and bright leafy greens. Everything coming to life again and breaking out of Winter's dark slumber.

   Nettles have been happening in a big way and I made this nettle and lemon cake with blackberries. It was delicious and pretty spring green.
  I have no pictures to dazzle you with, proving how wonderful the lunar eclipse or full pink moon was. Take my word for it, the moon was stunning. It was a joy being able to actually see the lunar eclipse. It's usually far too overcast here. I've only ever seen a slight bit of past lunar eclipses through the layers of misty-ness. Saturday I saw the blood moon eclipse in perfect clarity and it made my head spin. Then came the full moon which was bright and bold. April's full moon is know as the Pink moon (or Hare moon) and it represents the verdant spring and fertility. That moon lit up the sky.
  I stayed up all night. In the morning I wrote incoherent poetry and ate raspberries with cream for breakfast.  xo m

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