Thursday, October 25, 2012

friend time!

   A whole week of friend time was had. For the first time we are both without men in our lives. There was a lot of treat snacking! And of course coffee drinking, movies/bad tv dramas, gossip, closet cleaning out, walking all around the city, meeting up with other cool lady friends and a true friend braves a pretty awful 9 hour bus trip to Virginia...
 Dysfunctional comfort movie nite... Hysterical Blindness is the best. Abd the clothes are so GOOD!
 lots of listening to goth records...
 fancy breakfast at 5 leaves... The granola was infused with a little rosewater, it was so dreamy.
 exploring all over the city/brooklyn. walking, walking walking, the train...
 wedding photo booth dress up.

 Bonnets for my birthday in Williamsburg Virginia!

 7 matching tattoos. Which are ugly and sort of scabby still... I'll post pics after they look fine...
Now, I'm missing my bestie... xo m


  1. Oh, heart. Makes me miss my friends afar. But speaking of (new;) friend times. Coming to Seattle for the 15th, my hub as some sort of state-training thing and I a whole day to myself. Meet me in Montauk (aka. Ballard)?

  2. Yay! It is so hard to live far away from your bff! I got to see my best girl for one day this summer, since she was flying through nyc from fl and it was far too brief. Sounds like you had a most special trip. xo


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