Friday, January 4, 2013

sick day(s)...

  For a few days I've felt something creeping... Annoyed, every time I overhead people complaining of their never ending colds & sicknesses at the co-op/coffee shop/cafe/anywhere. Like if I pretending it wasn't out there it wouldn't happen to me. I DO NOT enjoy being sick. I mean, I am one of those never able to be idle types. And being a single mama to two doesn't allow for lay-around-watching-friday night lights-all-day-long (I wish)! So here I am achy, sniffly, congested, kinda sore throat, sipping cup after cup of ginger tea (anytime I get sick I feel it in my tummy) and eating watery soup with crackers. grrrrrr.... Perhaps part of this is due to my  major diet changes a couple weeks ago-toxins coming out etc. but then again, everyone is sick here pretty much all winter...
I can't seem to get comfortable or warm enough. I'm piling on layer upon layer until I am suddenly too hot and have to strip down again. I do have some of my best ideas (and way weirdest dreams!) when I'm sick. I become strangely inspired. I'll take notes. I may have awesome ill-ideas but I lack the energy to do anything much. stay cozy friends! xo m


  1. feel better! im a single mom too and i dread getting sick! take care of you

  2. Sending healthful vibes your way!

    It's funny that you say you have some of your best ideas when you're ill; I came down with something back in October, and the night before, when I could feel myself spiralling into what surely felt like death, I wrote several thousand very good words on my novel! So I'm wishing you fruitful note-taking as well.


  3. your blog is so cute, ultra vintage style. I love vintage <3 i follow you. Take care. Kissus :)


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