Saturday, April 6, 2013

and i saw my devil, and i saw my deep blue sea...

   So many little saturday homesteading/studio chores and churning up mountains of basement dust. But those little, getting bigger, chicks needed a thorough brooder cleaning and I had to go through bags of summer clothes and put away winter ones for my shops.
   It was so delightful to have found this dreamy mix over at a cupful of sunshine. A nice selection of so many favorites. And of course My son and I had to have a little peanut butter fix. My littlest one is allergic to peanuts and we love them so when she goes to her Papa's on Saturday we usually have something peanutty. Today we made these delicious little peanut butter treats. Thank you Sadie! Sooooo good! I ate too many (6) and have a coconut hangover!
 There were moments of open window sunlight punctuated by crazy "something wicked this way comes" (they showed us this at school once when I was a kid and it totally traumatized me, still haunting!) style steel, grey clouds. That's the way the Northwest is, dark clouds are struggling to dominate always.
 Camellias must have been the tree/flower of choice in the 50s and 60s. They seem to be just everywhere around here. And while pretty, their prettiness is so brief (about a week and a half) before the wilting and browning starts and then you're slipping on the rotting petals. Today they were poppin!
Waiting in the car, rain dripping off the windows. And wind! So strong and sharp today.  xo m

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