Friday, April 5, 2013

spring chicks!

   There's a really wonderful little feed store we go to called Portage Bay Grange. We were in a couple weeks ago, buying feed for our big girls, and decided to "just look" at the baby chicks. Baby chicks are the cutest thing, there were so many cute little puffs hopping around! I went home that night and couldn't sleep. I was thinking about how pretty Black Australorp chickens are and they had baby chicks at the grange... A few days later I went back and got 4. All different types with varying egg colors.

   Now the chicks are starting to get their adult feathers and looking a bit rough and HUGE! They are incredibly tall! I've been taking them into the back yard for a few minutes, on sunny days, so that my 2 chickens can see them and the big chickens do not seem very happy. This flock expansion is going to be a journey! xo m


  1. How exciting! I love your older ladies. Oh how I want some chickens. One day. :)

  2. Ay ay ay! Nothing like lil' fuzzballs.


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