Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goodbye my sweet Domino

  Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our special girl, Domino. We only had her for 2 years but she had so much personality and was the friendliest, most loving cat ever. I feel totally heartbroken and lost today. The house seems so quiet and empty without her lovely spirit.
 Domino is the only cat I have ever gotten to do tricks, it was the cutest thing.

  My little one is so sad but at the same time asking for a baby kitten. Tonight we're watching movies and eating oranges and it feels unbearable to sit on the couch as it was Domino's favorite perch. We loved that little cat like crazy. xo m

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  1. oh domino. rest in peace little sweety. know that you were loved as you swirl into the night sky and merge into the earth. i hope your heart rests easy mindy, and that grief creates a softness that brightens the love between you and that little girl.


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