Sunday, June 2, 2013


  I'm working on finding a balance in life. There are all the things that have to be done (work, taking care of people and animals needs) and then there are other things that I want to be doing (meditating, yoga, writing, sewing, getting the basement minimized and organized, etc...) but I often seem to run out of time... In a routine that is already jammed, it's hard to find a way to fit new things in... But when I don't write or create I begin to feel anxious, unsatisfied and lost. Writing is as important as all the essential "to dos". Over the years it has been my therapy and I sometimes forget that and think of it as a luxury. I need to find a way to carve out a bit more space in our already full lives.

   I've been trying to go on at least one (sometimes short) bike ride a day. Before I had a car, I rode my bike everywhere, and not only was I in much better shape, I was also happy to be riding it. Cars aren't much fun to me. There's a feeling of lightness and freedom that comes over me when I'm gliding around on my bike. Everything melts away and I feel free and easy. I can feel the strength growing in my body.
Being on my bicycle makes me feel like I'm 10 years old again. I love it! I like to have some tea and write a little, visit my friend that works at the french bakery (on Saturdays I've been allowing little wheat...). Today, I'm set on taking a bunch of pictures and getting back into etsy in a big way over the next few weeks. Right now we're off to the farmers market on bikes and there are BIG hills on the way home! xo m


  1. I am so with you sister solider. My life is jam packed and I wanna be here on my blog and in my journal...drawing, car has also caused a lot of things to miss. When we were taking public transit...walking and seeing and doing...bumping into things we would have other wised zoomed has been a little easier with time with a car, but the stress of the I'm glad you are on your bike today and having some simple pleasures. I enjoy your blog so much.

  2. ahhh thank u lady! and yep, don't even get me going on the joys and tear$ of cars... xo m

  3. Sounds wonderful that is how I feel when I ride a horse :) We tried a few times to tackle the hills around here on our bikes but California you need to be superman to ride up our hills hehehe Love Heather


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