Monday, June 3, 2013

health is wealth...

  I do have the very best of intentions. I'm honestly doing very well in the health dept... I'm pretty proud that it has been nearly 8 months (gasp, really!) since I swore off alcohol etc... I'm pretty psyched that it's been smooth sailing, no falling of wagons and such. But there's always room for improvement and wheat and sugar remain my eternal temptresses. They are the things I crave the most and I do think they don't help me feel wonderful at all.
 mmm... Se there, all that was dinner on a good day. I do a great job mon-fri. Everyone's at home and I make healthful meals, avoiding allergens and irritants. and then Saturday sneaks in. My littlest is with her papa and my teenager is hanging with friends and I'm left to my own devices and... I crave treats and have a friend who works at, what is, in my humble opinion THE BEST bakery in Seattle if not the world!! Seriously, I cannot stay away...  I usually get a couple things and my friend will sneak an extra treat in the bag if it's close to closing time. oh boy...
 *chicken side note. I was pretty much patting myself on the back at how smoothly the chickens had become integrated. Sadie (the alpha hen) wanted to make sure that I know she does not care for 4 extra little peepers in her bunk house at night so she has taken to sleeping in the egg box (Sadie is broody and pretty much occupies the nesting box all the time now) and pecks any chick who tries to enter. The little chicks quickly give up and sleep in a little pile on the floor of the run. I have a largish dog kennel and for now the babies (teen chicks) have taken that over as their night time coop, but they're outgrowing it and I need to figure out a solution pronto!
 A few pics of my gal at her preschool graduation (and wheat filled treat fest!! there were bite size key lime pies! among other delights).

 See, that pic below was taken yesterday (treat left over from Saturday). I always feel my best when I avoid wheat/sugar. I often feel physically terrible when I do indulge. It's somehow not as satisfying/naughty/bad to crunch on a carrot stick or nibble a handful of cherries. I'm working on retraining that mind and mouth desire connection. I realize that the way I want these treats isn't really a healthy thing-especially as they do my body harm...
   This summer (and all the time forever) I am working on improving all over "health". Mental, Social (there are a few "friends" that are not so good and need to be well, avoided, I realize) and physical. Riding my bike often. My teenager is into the bike rides and we've agreed on a care free sat/sun. And, damn it, I'm getting off the refined sugar. Only a bit of honey and a little maple (somewhat refined) syrup on occasion. I can do this. The next phase of my magical health journey begins! xo m

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  1. I have the same problem where I make great healthy meals during the week but when I'm left to my own devices on the weekend I just steadily snack instead of making actual meals. I've been trying to cut sugar out as well, relying only on honey and maple syrup; it is working out well so far!

    PS. Your little one is way stylish


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