Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Love June!

  Only 5 days in and I'm already remembering why I love June the best of all.  The mornings are still quite gloomy but it usually burns off and then there's sun most of the day. Should be in the 70s all week. I have to remember to wear spf on my lips, since I've been riding my bike they've been getting horribly chapped!

Summer hair. Most of the color is fading/growing out of my hair and I'm feeling that "I give up! I don't wanna do anything with this stuff!" but just leave it alone and let it grow...

 I was lucky enough to spend a few hours immersed in girl talk, herb talk, blog talk, digging through trash and eating yummy breakfast with this lovely lady of the North.

 Our branch of the Library always gets this big batch of really lovely books at the end of May and early in June. I want to start doing a weekly "book report" post. As soon as I finish the top book on the stack (it's soooo great!).  Now there's work to be done in the money making way... xo m

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