Saturday, June 8, 2013

weekend mix tape #1 (June)

  Well, my lovelies, if you had any idea how I labored and toiled and google searched how to's in order to bring you this lil beauty you would be extra into it cuz it was super hard (and my 14 year old was too busy to help me!)
  Now that I know how to do all this I want to do them at least once a month...

Hope your weekend is awesome so far!! xo m


  1. Thanks! That is one rad mix tape!

  2. yay! it was well worth the work! :) xo m

  3. yay, i love mixes! i also love your candid confession instead of being all, "yeah, i'm so smooth and hip, i just threw this up here for ya". the love is in the real. xo

    p.s. we just got a song book this weekend and 'ripple' is one fern really likes to sing along too. :)


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