Sunday, June 16, 2013

you know, treats!

*post subtitle... "Maidens of 1997, bakery of dreams & a "picnic at hanging rock" inspired mixtape..."

  My dear friend (first real friend I made in Seattle!) Dawn texted me this picture the other day... Oh my... We thought it was a good idea to invite a 40 something Russian photographer back to her tiny attic apartment after meeting him at Cafe Paradiso, where we used to spend hours reading poetry and writing in our journals.  We played dress up in our thrifted corsets and crinolines... Bad decision making was such a hallmark of my early 20s...
   We were young, broke, free as birds and innocently carefree. We were also wayyyy into black tights with white dresses, wearing layers of antique slips, Hollie Hobbie, Little House on the Prairie and Picnic at Hanging Rock, like A LOT! still are (I was also obviously a lil fixated on the marquis de sade and at the tail end of my uber gothness...)!
  Then after a series of wonderful cosmic events, and kind words from a sweet friend, I landed the sweetest job at what I believe to be the most magical bakery in all the land. I was giddy and elated from the happiness and the simplicity at which the job landed in my lap. I was inspired to make a sweet little playlist that, to me, feels like Picnic at Hanging Rock. enjoy!

Happy end of the weekend and so happy that summer is now upon us!! xo m


  1. those macarons look amazing! so happy you found a sweet baking job

  2. Oh my gosh I love that photo! So sweet, so sour ;) I can't wait to read what all you have been up to and see you soon!!!!!!


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