Saturday, June 22, 2013

summer solstice and so on...

   Oh dear, and suddenly Summer is here! Summer Solstice found me working my last training shift at the bakery (and then today I opened and worked what is one of the busiest shifts...). It's a strange feeling being the "new person" at a job. It's been so long since I worked anywhere (other than for myself) and I've forgotten how complicated work relationships can be. Then there's the whole, other people's expectations of me and my perfectionist nature... I came away from work feeling a bit sensitive and insecure today. Working on shaking it and letting the silliness go. Everyone get's their turn being the new gal and right now it's me...
  Meanwhile, the project pile is growing higher and higher, tank tops all cut out and pinned, needing to be stitched. We'll see when that happens...
 Vegan coconut milk, chocolate chunk, ice cream, w cherry conserve. My summer jam.
 vegan marshmallow roasting.
 The last bit of rhubarb waits. I need to chop it up tomorrow and stick it in the freezer so I can strawberry rhubarb jam. Hopefully we'll make it out to the strawberry fields next week.
 Dried oregano. Good thing I harvested it in time since my senile landlord had some lugheads come and weed whack EVERYTHING in the back yard. Thank goodness they recognized my raspberries and garlic and didn't destroy them too!
  I'm envisioning our lives on a farm, in the country, and it's so close I can feel it. My Summer Solstice meditations were focused on solidifying the path towards country life and asking for guidance and patience in the here and now. xo m


  1. happy belated solstice! hope we will get to see the final products of the project pile--i see some interesting textiles peeking out.
    hope you have time to enjoy the supermoon tomorrow evening :)

  2. yes!! i am all about that super strawberry moon! tomorrow is my friday so hot damn, chillaxin time!!

  3. Sending lots of positive vibes for your path to the country life :) So happy to have our own place in the sticks. We wouldn't trade it for anything. Happy belated Solstice and hope the new job goes well!


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