Monday, June 24, 2013

what i'm into...

  My brain is abuzz with all things summer and a wanderlust so strong I'm feeling like maybe it was a mistake to commit to a job (for a whopping four hours each day) on sat/sun. This is a big part of my Libra nature that vexes me. When I get what I want, I often no longer want it... Also, sat and sun my shifts were nonstop, people barking macaroon, pastry and coffee orders without relent... And the tips were not as good as I thought they'd be. We'll just see about it. I'm gonna ride it out and see how I feel. I was pretty much crash out tired at noon each day. Why is it so hard for me to commit to anything? I think a big part of it is that I have so many commitments already (kids, pets, etsy shop, 2 vintage spaces) that adding anything else is overwhelming.
  Anyways, let's get to some things that I'm into right now!
I heard tell of the super (strawberry) moon that was out there last night but guess what? through all the gloom clouds and rain that swept in it WAS NOT VISIBLE to me at all so damn, what a bummer, but I like the idea of a super moon (see about the book I'm reading below!) a lot.

   I just love Laura Dern and her Mama! They are so great together and they're in a little show called Enlightened that is weird and cute and sweet and always makes me feel way better if I'm having a meh day but, BUT, each season only has 8 little short episodes so it's really not enough.
    I've been pretty much listening to Gillian Welch plus Nick Cave, Chelsea Wolfe, Neko Case (and the Flaming Lips-which I've never been into or a given a chance, but hearing repeatedly and it starts to get in and I think I may actually be into them now!) and of course Gram Parsons... But heavy on the Gillian Welch, she's just so lovely and wonderful!

   I want to weave! This is the summer I will take that weaving class and start whipping out weavings like crazy! I mean it. I want lovely wall hangings and delightful rugs that I weave myself.
 I LOVE this. soooo good!

 It may not be the best thing that I have unlimited access to this... Macaroon magic. It's a little dangerous. I like to take apart and hybridize the chocolate with coconut-salted caramel making a black & white mac. it's trouble...

    When I wake up on Sunday morning I feel pretty excited that true blood will be on Sunday night. I feel as excited about this show as I used to back in high school when twin peaks was on. plus, Rutger Hauer is on it now.
 That's my bike. A fancy gift a few years back when my little one's Papa had a lot of credit accumulated at an outdoors store. I love it! Not the best bike for hills but I'm in the form over function category when it comes to most things anyway. As long as it's pretty.
  Oh hi there Gram. If there was wallpaper in my brain, it would have to be a repeating pattern of Gram Parsons face... Or maybe a toile scene of Gram Parsons having adventures in his Nudie suit. I just adore him. xo m


  1. oh gram. i have to check out the laura and mum show. i have been yearning to weave lately, too, and dear friend even gifted me a vintage weaving book a while back (not even knowing of my desire--synch!).
    i didn't get a chance to properly spy the supermoon, either. hoping next month's will be more visible.
    oh, and meant to say, i have a packet of ca mugwort seeds left over from an order i did a while back. since i am currently spoiled for mugwort, thought you might want them? there are tiny and can be challenging to get growing (like yarrow seeds) but if you want to give it a whirl...shoot me your shipping addy on etsy and i can send them along :-)
    take care.

  2. oh heck yeah I DO!! I'll message u via esty. I have some little treasures I've been wanting to send you! xo m

  3. I love all of those musical artists!!! Neko case is my favorrittteee


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