Sunday, June 30, 2013

thoughts on global warming, polar bears and our poor wounded earth...

  We're in the midst of a nasty (for the Pacific NW) heatwave. I'm wilting on my porch in the 88 degree shade. It's weird. I can see, in my mind, a timeline of weather and hot times in my lifetime and things certainly seem to be accelerating these last few years. Even my 86 year old Grandmother (Who would never admit to believing in Global Warming.) comments, confusedly on the weather every time we talk. "It's just so hot now, it was never like this before..." and so on, etc...
  I've lived in Seattle for 17 years now. It no longer seems to rain all the time. It still rains more than most places but there are longer, more frequent periods of dryness. In 2007 we had a storm that had fierce hurricane winds and knocked out many peoples power (ours included) for over a week and it was below freezing. We had to stay with friends because our house felt like a freezer. And then a couple years later, in 2009 we dealt with a major insane heatwave. It was 105 degrees outside our house and 115 degrees inside, for 3 days. It was rough. I had a gift certificate for a hotel (they had AC) so we checked in for one luxurious night. We brought our cats, they were nearly comatose.

  I think about polar bears A LOT (I really LOVE bears, polar bears especially) and how all this is affecting them. I seem to hear about another animal being extinct every week. It makes me so sad. Our population (and their wants/needs/consumerism, continued abuse of our planet...) is growing at such a rate that this beautiful earth cannot possibly keep up.
  The only solution I see is starting with myself and making every effort to conserve energy and lessen consumerism (really, everything is secondhand, I am a thrifter, big time) and to give of my own time and energy supporting and volunteering to make positive changes. A lot of the time I try and not think about it all because it does bum me out a great deal. I make choices for myself and children to live in a thoughtful way, I try to choose the best possible option for the planet at every opportunity, and in Seattle it seems so many other people are into it too. It's chic or hip and that's fine as long as people are trying, but what about the rest of the world? It seems like so many people don't care at all. I live in such a little eco utopia and I realize, whenever I venture a few states away that most of the country is drastically different.
  I want to live off the grid on a little self sufficient farm, like in Gasoline... side note, ladies (I assume you are all ladies?), have you read this?? My pal Dame Darcy wrote and illustrated it and it's so lovely! Do yourself a favor and get it!!
  On Saturdays, my 14 year old Son and I are going to do a service project that in some way benefits our city or the world. He is, honestly, not too jazzed about it but I think he'll enjoy it once we get going... Any suggestions? I think I've seen this blogged about in numerous places, and certainly remember Mary mentioning it...
  This heat does funny things to my brain/body. I know that I want to revisit that youthful place of activism (hardcore vegan animal rights crusader of 13 years) and get a little more involved. I feel like I'm in a good place energy wise and can physically find time and I want my children to see it as fun... 
  ok, that was a little heavy... yeah? I spent sat and today's morning as a pastry/coffee fairy and my brain goes into emotional spirals of thought while working. I also worked on my post apocalyptic mermaid story... hope the weekend has been lovely where you are and please tell me what you do to help mother earth. xo m

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