Friday, July 5, 2013

summer sweetness

   The days are beginning to cool off. It's quite nice right now.  Despite the heat, I've still been working (my 3, ok 4 jobs-the ones I get money for), fitting in projects and entertaining a little one who has decided she has absolutely no interest in playing independently at all anymore. When I get tired and go to bed, I fall asleep easily and (more importantly) stay asleep. Maybe all that sunshine and heat (oh and overworking) is an insomnia antidote?    
  Tomorrow I will be at the bakery and, as difficult as it will be, I'm not going to consume any gluten. Ive been (shocker!!) being a little naughty on the weekends... As delicious as it is, it's not worth have a puffy belly all in knots. The macaroons do NOT have any gluten (lots of egg whites which I suspect is also an irritant but one thing at a time here.) so it'll be ok.

 Rainier cherries are soooo good. One of my favorite summer fruits!
 heat wave froyo stop...
 Garlic scapes! I grilled them in the oven, so yummy! I still have more for weekend pesto making.
 Iced coffee with coconut milk & cinnamon. Off the coffee now to. A barista who does not drink coffee. hmmm. yeah. it happens.

 We got pretty well acquainted with our front porch last week. It's the only shady/cool spot in our house/yard. we just sat out there, ate all our meals out there...
 Her macaroon holy trinity! The current favorites.
 Swamplandia is super great! I'm into it! Summer is book books books.

 s'more craziness. Those vegan marshmallows are pretty damn good!
    Last night is exempt from all those aforementioned nights of good sturdy sleep. I felt like I was in east LA every time fireworks went off. It really sounded like the house was getting shot at! Not cool.  The jerks around here set em off till, I dunno, they collapse, around 4am. I look forward to (one day soon!) living in the country and hopefully avoiding a good number of the holiday jokers/drunks.
  Oh and next weekend is the subpop silver jubilee and it's FREE and will be super fun (totally crazy/crowded/insane!) so if you're in Seattle or nearby come! I'll bring the macaroons.  Now I need to pry these contacts off my dry allergy eyes and put my feet up. pms and all that... xoxo m

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