Friday, March 14, 2014

daffodils, cherry blossoms, moss, worms and chicken eggs

  Spring spring spring.... I am soooo happy that it's been (mostly) over 60 degrees and sunny the last few days. Daffodils are everywhere, walks through the park are a lot less slippery and muddy, cherry blossoms are in bloom in some places-still waiting to open in others, my dormant herbs in pots are growing fuzzy moss and little leaves to signal their return, and I keep finding worms in the garden beds (and they are sneaking into the basement!).... This afternoon, the warm air on my bare arms as I did a little work outside was so magically powerful. I could feel myself standing taller, unfurling like a flower. I didn't have to huddle into myself for warmth. I tidied up in the chicken coop and did a thorough clean up on the front porch, even painted an old wood chair the perfect shade of melted strawberry ice cream pink.
   Beware, the moss is everywhere, slick underfoot and waiting to get you as you skip out the door in the morning. My little lady and I have both fell flat onto our butts a few times this week.
 Miss Pensive... Two seconds before she was singing the Frozen song (I now cringe... it's everywhere!) and imitating the ice queen and I said, "I want to take your picture as you think about nature.". She's really thinking here. Then my gal said "I don't think Mother Earth likes this trash people left on her, we should pick it up!" so we picked up some trash by the trail.
 Spring cleaning has been happening in a big way. I'm trying to figure out how I need to be eating. I've been trying so many different things since my little one was born. The last 5 years have been a constant flux. No one can keep up with my dietary changes. I think back to when I felt the healthiest and like I was getting the most out of food (and not using it as an addiction-um, I've mentioned my caffeine and sugar dependency many times) and that was when I was vegan. I'm working on vegan, gluten free, minimal nightshades, no refined sugar, and only green tea allowed for now to see how my body responds. Sounds fun, right? I've been doing this since Monday (and have had only a few sugar slips cuz it's in EVERYTHING!) and I feel good, different. Totally different energetically. I have a real ethical conflict when it comes to eating animals. I'm not one to push my ideals onto others (haha, anymore!) and preach, it just bums really me out when I eat animal products. I love animals so much, I've always felt a real connection to them. I feel this lightness and openness when I'm eating vegan. It's transformative for me and I kind of forgot that.
 Eggs! All the hens are laying everyday! It's nuts. 5 eggs a day. Even Sadie, who is almost 4, has started laying and she hasn't given me an egg in probably 9 months. No one wants to eat them. I've never been a fan of eating eggs (especially after one of my hens, Cinnamon, got one stuck and I had to... assist.) and the kids are super sick of eggs in all forms. I'm gifting a bunch to some lovely ladies tomorrow. There are at least 3 dozen in the fridge!

    It's sunny and warm in the mudroom, dry on the rickety porch and steps.

 Spring Equinox is on the 20th and that also marks the end of the funkiness that has been caused by mars in retrograde. I've been having the weirdest dreams and poor sleep. For some reason my cat has decided he needs to vigorously scratch the bedroom door at 3am every morning. When I open the door he runs and hides. He's not over being banished from the bedroom at all.
  The moon is so stunning tonight. My digital camera did little to convey her mysteries. xo m


  1. I am also trying to find the best way to feed my body and mind, I don't eat meat, but eggs and cheese are something I can't really go without (for now).Still, I'm a grown up person and I can listen to my inner voices, but how do I deal when it comes to children? Do your children eat meat?

  2. I've always been very honest about what "meat" is and where it comes from. My children have always spent a lot of time with animals and on farms so they became vegetarian by choice from the start. I never fed them meet when they were babies (even if I had meat once in a while-I never cooked it at home). Now my son is 15 and he has chosen in the last couple of years to start eating meat but my daughter (who is 5) won't try it (her papa has offered it to her).


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