Monday, May 3, 2010

twas a may day most lovely!

  Our May Day was quite busy (with three birthday parties, and we made it to every one!) but also bright and wonderful.  I took the kids to a rummage sale on our way to the coffee shop and got a few interesting books and two huge baskets for a dollar.
This sweet orange guy is nicknamed "handsome face"...
oooh, this is NOT handsome face. He's the cat from a few blocks away that loves to haunt our yard... "handsome face" hates him with an undying fervor. He sits in the window and stares angrily at outdoor orange. If I am coming in and this guy is on the porch, "handsome face" rushes out, all puffed up, and chases him away. He always returns.
the view of the too chilly patio at oddfellows. It was just too breezy to sit out there but we (rare-little one free lunch with my dear pal AJ) sat so that we could look at it.
unicorn bloomers for the little gal.
may day crowns-the little one refused to wear hers.

the life of a designated driver... I'm not sure why I offered to be the des when we went to an adult party that eve. I drank so much coca cola that my tummy was sore...


  1. i love your crown!! im so sorry i missed you at the baranof! we went to dinner beforehand and were running late. thank you for stopping by though, i wish i could have seen you! xo

  2. hehe we have an 'identical' cat here at our house : ) I love your may day crowns, so beautiful!


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