Thursday, May 6, 2010

for love of the radish

   The radishes are growing and some are even ready to be eaten! They are so good, and made even better by the fact that their life cycle has played out in front of me, initiated by me. This is one of the first things I've grown directly from seed and I really recommend it. They are spicy so pests don't ever do much more than take a teeny nibble before they realize that they don't like them, radishes grow quickly and don't take up much space, and you can sew the seeds weekly so you'll have a constant flow of radishes all season. I am the only one in our house who enjoys radishes so I eat them daily. There is nothing more sublime than camembert, arugala and radishes (thinly sliced, of course) on a baguette.
the other orange, brutus, buster, the enemy. This cat LOVES me. He's the first creature I see when I open the door in the morning and the last creature spied at night (when I give him an evening snack after everyone goes to bed).
I was dreaming of making this cake today, I've had the page bookmarked in the lovliest book forever! tomorrow!
The air was exploding and so full of springtime fragrances today. Flowers, trees, grass. My little one has terrible allergies and kept crying out "eyes! nose!" very unhappily all day. It was ok when we were indoors but terrible when we ventured out, but there is only so much time you can contentedly play (with a 2 year old) indoors. "outside, outside!!" she says.


  1. I think we have two more weeks before we will be eating our radishes, but I can't wait. Beautiful pictures.

  2. thank you! I love being able to just go out back and pick my food, tastes sooo much better, doesn't it?


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