Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the rhythm of winter...

  Ahhhhh. This sickness that rolled on forever seems to have (hopefully, fingers crossed!) rolled on.  Begone! It was hard getting super pumped for the holiday festivities with everyone feeling achy, way tired and coughing. Good, chill times were had with friends and family. A zillion sugary carbs were consumed by all. We had walks in the brisk cold air looking at Christmas lights.
 This little house was on my Grandparent's Christmas tree when I was a kid. My sister was too rough with it when she was like 5 and busted the paper window out.
 Then my friend Molly gifted me this sweet woodland house a few years back. I love these little houses!

 Super fuzzed out pic of my Xmas eve baby (He is 15!! now) on his birthday.
    The etsy shop is picking up (because I've been adding way more than in the past) and  I've been working on editing and writing my book every day.  I've settled into a nice rhythm of getting (money earning style) work out of the way early in the day and then writing for at least an hour in the afternoon. It really helps me to have the day planned out and I feel wonderful when I work creatively. I start to feel this sinking feeling when I let my writing slide away. I've been working on this project for some time and I need to work hard on actually finishing it. xo m

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  1. Happy New Year sweets! And happy birthday to G! Fifteen! Hugs to L, too. Hope to see you guys soon. Stay well.


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