Thursday, January 2, 2014

a new year

  So it seems I spoke too soon about the sickness having rolled on... We spent our new years eve in the emergency room of children's hospital (which crazily enough, has a 24 hour starbucks in the waiting room). My little one has pneumonia and we were sent home with antibiotics and a rigorous routine of albuterol etc... I guess taking time of work last week was poor timing as I won't be able to work much now. When my kiddos get sick, or rather when they are confined to the house for days on end, they get pretty cranky and demanding.
 These hearts are just two of the magical treasures from a holiday box from the lovely Sadie Rose.
 The last bits of the best peppermint bark ever were finally finished off. Thank goodness, I'm all sweeted out for the most part. The holidays are such a sugary whirlwind around here!
 There have been the most intense fogs and constant darkness going on. I'd better just give up and get used to it, this is life until maybe March...
Dorrit! I was really scarping the bottom of the netflix barrel until I stumbled upon the Carrie Diaries. I love Carrie's baby goth little sis, Dorrit. Although the clothes are not very accurate (the show is set in 1984), beggars can't be choosers....
I've been making an effort to, along with daily writing time, make time for nurturing my spirit with meditation, card reading and visualization time. I used to read Tarot for a living (for Dionne Warwicks psychic friends network, I'm totally seriously.) when I was 21, 22 and it was not a very positive experience and put me off the cards or rather interfered with my natural ability to understand whet they were trying to tell me.
seeeeee, chocolate croissants all heated up in the ER. It's pretty cool that there's a starbucks there. We were hungry and tired and while I'm not a fan of sbucks it's certainly better than a vending machine and I happened to have a sbucks gift card that I had gotten from a friend.
Rice Crispy treats were made (using Dandies vegan marshmallows!) yesterday.
Our kitchen smelled so good yesterday and Hoppin John with sweet potatoes made for a grounding New Years Day dinner. Now I get to do a big clean up of the chicken coop and run and stop allowing them access to our entire backyard as the chickens have gone bananas and poo is everyone, including our back porch, steps etc. It's impossible to take etsy pics out there as is. Off to scoop and hose and lay fresh pine shavings! xo m

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