Tuesday, August 6, 2013

friday at the river...

  subtitle: DANG those rocks are slippery!
  It's totally true, they are! I almost landed with a slpat!! several times. The kiddos were pretty into it. The day was crazy hot (like 95, which for us is bonkers) and the icy water felt refreshing and calming. I love the Tolt river. The area is very rural but less than an hour away from the city. It's my spirit destination when I need to recharge and let my head get quiet.

 There were little pools made by people before us who had rearranged some rocks. Teeny tiny fishes were spotted all over. I believe they were the tiniest trout. The blackberries weren't ready yet but the brambles buzzed, alive with hundreds of bees and bumbles.

 This part of the river is where it meets a bigger river and the current is quite strong. If we went to the beginning and floated it in tubes, here's where we'd get out... Rapids ahead.
  Here I am visualizing a little claim of land and a silver stream trailer along the banks of the river. home sweet home! xo m

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  1. Oh it looks so refreshing!!!
    I know what you mean about visualizing that land and a home near it! I have a spot in Estacada, OR. A view of Mt. Hood and on the Clackamas. xoxo Your littles are getting huge!


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