Friday, August 16, 2013

summer is golden

  ...and there is no rain, it's hot and sticky. Everything is drying out. A summer unlike any other Seattle summer (that I've ever experienced!). Most days we have an outing or two and try to stick shady areas in the afternoon while the sun is high and scorching. Our front room stays pretty cool so we've been hanging out in it, in front of an oscillating fan, doing crafting projects in the evening. We haven't gotten around to attempting to make pillow doll babies, like the one at Milla's that my gal fell in love with. But we will! I have piles of fabric and stuffing...

 Bees & Jam. I've been slacking on the jam making cuz it's too hot. But I've been stashing away berries and figs in the freezer for when it's just a bit cooler and I'm up to jammin...

   My oldest is away until Monday (3 weeks total) at his Dad's and we have missed him so! It feels kinda lonesome without the man of the house around.
  And its back to work work work. It never ends. There are piles of clothes to be tagged and sorted and laundry to fold and a chicken cook to clean and... I'm gonna spend tomorrow working on my zine and hopefully finish it up. After the kindergarten picnic and etsy pics of course... I realize I sound like a bit of a whiner here. I'm cranky when I have dried sweat all over me. This lil bit of heat and humidity has helped me to realize that it's probably impossible for me to ever actually live in Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, etc, um ever! It's an idea I've long flirted with but I think I'd be a non-productive southern lady, laying on a fainting couch and fanning myself all day. Hope the hot end of summer is treating you well. xo m


  1. So much lovely summer times to catch up. Shit up here is crazy! It's not so muggy anymore, but the yellowjackets and tourists are swarming.

  2. I know what you mean about the heat...and cereal sounds GREAT for supper...little effort and it's cold.
    Girl you would be just fine down south...there is AC everywhere!!!
    Love your bits!!! Happy Summering! xoxo Jane

  3. Jane... hahaha, my kids are such sticks in the mud and say "we want REAL food" for dinner. "ice cream for dinner" is my favorite saying! yes, ac!! ah, the dream lives on! xo

  4. hahaha I can so relate it has been a scorcher here in socal and it makes me cranky too!! I was raised up north in Canada and the heat here is just insane. Has me daydreaming about fall...the pics of your daughter are to cute! Love Heather


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