Tuesday, July 16, 2013


   Here's an example of the typical shenanigans that happen every time I try to do some etsy pictures. My little one loves dressing up in finery and wrangling/tormenting the hens. A 3 foot fence worked fine for the big chickens but the tinier gals get over that no problem so we'll be reinforcing a few spots with taller fencing so we can have our chicken free yard again.

  It is 85 degrees and muggy as heck today. I'm counting the days till we get outta the city and into the trees by the sea. I really can't wait! xo m


  1. Your daughter looks so cute running around with the chickens. I keep saying I am going to get some but then I never take the plunge. It must be great though having fresh eggs!! ~Stay Cool :)

  2. they're pretty easy and the eggs are a definite bonus! xo m

  3. so very precious. your blog is wonder full.


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