Sunday, March 10, 2013

sunday's alright!

  As a child, I really despised sunday. It was just a bleh kind of day where nothing notable seemed to occur. An in between day lacking the brightness of saturday and awaiting the dull hull of monday... Morrissey said it best...

Who didn't have that song as a teenage anthem? sigh...

But now, I am totally able to appreciate and dig my sundays (although the silly time change this morning kind of messed me up...)! Sunday is a nice pause before the whirlwind of monday, which brings school schedules and commitments a plenty.  Today my oldest and I were able to finish a big bedroom reorganization project and walk through the farmers market in the drizzle. We continue to lighten our home by getting rid of the clutter and lessening our possessions. It feels good!

Now I'm off to try and snap a few etsy pics as long as the sun cooperates! xo m

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  1. I've kinda loved sundays for a long time, but there's a melancholy too attached to them...strange, isn't it.


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