Thursday, February 28, 2013

everyone's miserable now

  I've had it up to here with cold after flu after cold after cough after asthma attacks that's been going on around here. I can't take much more. I feel all stressed and nervous breakdowny and when I'm in this mood I have a few favorites that somehow help me to feel... not really better but more like "See, everyone's miserable!!!" It helps. So if you're feeling down on your luck and dragging, moon in void or mercury in retrograde giving you the blues, try one or all of these pretty depressing but also really lovely movies.... Best served with large amounts of theo chocolate and sparkling water + 100% blueberry juice with a lime twist!

"Take This Waltz" one of those, sooner or later you fall out of love/married people are bummed kind of movies but it also manages to be cute, funny and romantic. Filmed in Toronto-which looks amazing! Bonus points for Michelle Williams who plays the discontented lady so well... streaming on netflix too!

"Blue Valentine" blogged about this before but it fits... also starring M. Williams oh and that guy Ryan Gosling.  Pretty depressing but soooo easy to relate to (unless you've never had a relationship go sour...).

"We Don't Live Here Anymore" (make it a misery double feature w/ "Reservation Road" if u wanna cryyyyy for hours!) This is a married life (life w/ kids) sucks kinda movie... bummerville, but in a really good way!

"Eyes Wide Shut" People love to hate on this one. I guess mostly it's the cruise/kidman thing? It's a good movie and believe me I'd know, I was once in mexico on a kinda fun/sorta sad vacation and there was only movies in English were,  eyes wide shut, ace ventura pet detective and some weird movie starring the hot motorcycle guy from melrose place so I watched eyes wide shut at least 8 times. I love it! cruise/kidman play bored, sad, naughty, rich new yorkers (and then there's the weird underground masked sex party!).

"Wuthering Heights" there are a lot of weird fan videos and compilations on youtube but you can watch this on pbs or streaming netflix. It is sooo good. Tom Hardy is pretty magical, and as a true Bronte obsessive, my absolute favorite Heathcliff (my pals are soooo over hearing me rhapsodize about Tom Hardy but I cannot help it, and have u seen his teeth? I honestly love crooked teeth!) I've seen every Wuthering Heights available and swooooon, I love this one. LOVE it. A few weeks ago I was telling a friend I was gonna treat myself and stay in eating chocolate and watching this and her reply? "I'm very concerned..." but I wouldn't expect her to understand, she's a "normal" happy, not prone to bouts of melancholy sort.

  I do like sad movies. Sad romances where everything goes awry or people end of miserable. It's somehow soothing for me to feel that. It has always been this way. I had all sorts of big thoughts on this nature in myself earlier but now I'm tired and sleepy and ready to just slip into bed. We're catching up on sleep after a few rough nites and moving towards wellness and I'm trying to remind myself to rest (not only while recovering from real illness) when my body needs to. I have the hardest time getting to bed early and getting to sleep and staying asleep. off to bed! for real... xo m

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