Sunday, January 27, 2013

discovering earth... part one, JET

 Last weekend on a truly lovely trip to Port Townsend I discovered these amazing little black chunks at my favorite metaphysical shop Phoenix Rising (I really love this shop! I wanna work there when, one day, I finally move out there.). I was looking at all the different crystals laid out in bowls and across the table saw a little bowl full of these smooth black chunks and thought "What are those!" I picked a piece up and felt the lovliest vibrations as if all my anxiety was being dispelled. "Jet" read the tag. I picked the two pieces that felt the best to me (and a little tangerine quartz). Today I'm going to buy silver wire to wrap them with and make pendants, to be worn long and over the heart.
 I referenced my favorite crystal book, "Love is in the Earth"and here's what Melody has to say about the wonderful fossil that is Jet.
"JET (Astrological Sign of Capricorn)

Jet is fossilized wood, close in comparison to coal: it, however, is harder than the usual forms of coal. It occurs in the color black.

Jet can be used to dispel fearful thoughts and can be used to protect the wearer against illness and violence. It also protects one during the pursuit of business and enhances the stability of ones finances.

This mineral aligns the base chakra and stimulates the awakening of the Kundalini. When placed upon the areas of the upper body, it enables the movement of the Kundalini towards the crown.

It is also a calming agent. providing diminishment in depression.

It can be used in the treatment of migraine headaches, epilepsy, glandular and lymphatic swelling, stomach pain and colds.

Vibrates to the number 8."

hmmm.... No wonder Jet called out to me! How perfect for me. Jet was also very popular in Victorian jewelry and was used mainly in mourning and funeral jewelry... I'm going to make "discovering earth" a weekly (hopefully) series where I explore different crystals, flora and fauna etc... the treasures of our big, beautiful earth. Hope your weekend continues to be lovely!! xo m

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  1. I love jet, growing my gran gave me her hand carved pendent made from whitby jet. We have a family tradition of visiting Whitby each year, its been something our family have done for generations. Jet is very close to my heart. Great post.



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