Monday, January 14, 2013


   2012 was, and 2013 continues to be, a time of transformations. I am building the life that feels right and beautiful to me. So many little and big things are changing everyday. I think the most important part in all of these changes is ME. I am becoming a person who chooses to smile rather than choosing to scowl. I am learning to give love freely without expecting love in return. I don't feel the need to correct and argue (at least I don't let the feelings leave my mind and come out of my mouth!) all the time.
  I want to connect with nature, people,  life and beauty and see it all with wonderment. View and appreciate what is around me.  I want to experience the energy of earth and the universe in a spirit of love.
 Soft colored lights and lanterns are filling up our house. Bright lights have always bothered me. I feel so cozy in a soft glow. I saw these star shaped paper lanterns at a friends and had to order some for our house. They are like little stained glass windows.
Sugar has been reduced (I can't let go completely, yet... give a girl time.) greatly. Gone is the Gluten, Dairy, and so many grains. I realized, when I cut out gluten, that eating a big amount of almost any grain makes me feel all puffed up and just terrible. Welcome to salad town... I eat a lot of salad and try to eat as many fresh raw vegetables as possible because that's what makes me feel good and gives me the most energy. I can feel myself vibrating happily after I eat a nice salad with a little protein on it.  That ice cream up there is vegan coconut milk with chocolate chips. and tart cherries on top... that was a couple weeks ago. I'm being good now. Maybe a little nip of dark chocolate or some dried mangoes on occasion.
  One of chickens, Cinnamon, is not well, she seems pretty sick. She's on antibiotics and we'll see what becomes of her health. All my hens are nearly 4 and not very productive layers anymore. They're pets. I hate to think Cinnamon is suffering and in pain or confusion. She seems ok, still eating and drinking, so I'll just wait and see.. I was pretty bummed for a few days and stressing about what to do... xo m

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