Tuesday, February 5, 2013

stomach flu (w/ a side of upper respiratory infection)!

 soooo... I am siiiiiiick! Really sick. Laying in bed trippin out with fever, sore tummy, nausea, runny nose, phlegm... all icky sick. Thank goodness for season 3 of Downton Abbey on! and bless the internet for existing, I can lay in bed and sip chai and ginger tea and catch up on my stories (ie, tv series and blogs). Last week I was buzzing around like a crazed bee trying to get my new installation/work space together and guess what? stress does contribute to weakening the immune system (my dr is a big wheel and just had a paper published on the subject in some hoity toity medical journal and he confirmed my theory!). Every single time I attempt to burn the candle at both ends and essentially freak the heck out over something, I get sick. It's a bummer. And, get out the violins, being a single mama to two makes it pretty hard to rest. My oldest is sick also so my littlest (she has asthma so I got her a flu shot this year) is playing nurse to us both and delivering tissues and fresh water and extra blankets and such...
 ps, my hair is pretty purple now, excuse the mirror selfie (in sickie sweats no less) w iphone...
some words of wisdom from "love is in the earth".... hope you are all well and not barfing! xo m

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