Saturday, September 1, 2012


  I LOVE this guy. Love love love him. He has issues. Lots of them. Major anxiety, doesn't like anyone except me, recurrent UTIs, and fights with any and every animal in the world. Yesterday I noticed a HUGE lump on his back. He had just been to the vet less than a month ago for the same thing.
  Here's what happens... He goes outside (usually rushes the door when someone is leaving or wedges his way out an open window), fights, gets a bite/scratch/puncture wound, it becomes infected and a HUGE lump grows very quickly, it has to be surgically removed, a drain tube put in, stitches, a cone has to be worn for 2 weeks... This is now the 4th time he's had this surgery. I think there's a vicious cat gang targeting him... Well, he's probably the one man cat gang that's against every cat in our hood...
  Here he is dreaming about fighting and killing birds... Before the surgery... I've said it before but this time it super has to be enforced. This cat cannot ever ever go outside!! Thank goodness we have a compassionate (and we've been in there soooo many times for Tommy and Domino...)vet who's willing to work out a payment plan.  Now off to work to try and pay for his medical bill... Happy weekend! xo m

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  1. Oh a naughty stubborn kitty ...but he is so cute!! Hope he is feeling better soon keep that bad boy inside!! ~Hope you had a good weekend ~Love Heather


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