Tuesday, August 28, 2012

b l u e b e r r i e s

  Oh how we love blueberries! When I was a child I was OBSESSED with blueberry muffins and blueberry pie, not really knowing that you could get the actual berries (this was S. Calif. in the 80s) all by themselves! When I moved to the Northwest years ago I was so happy to be surrounded by berries a plenty. I love raspberries and blackberries but there's something about the sturdy, not-prone-to-mushy, blueberry that wins me over. My little lady and I made it out to the blueberry field with a friend and picked away as long as we could stand the sun, which wasn't very long, but we came away with quite a lot for only about an hour of picking.

 someone isn't really a blueberry picker. She demands to be set up in a shaded spot under a blueberry bush where she can pick the fattest berries from the bunch and eat them at her leisure...
 A quick stop at the eastside whole foods for a snack before heading home... By the way, that's my friend Ingrid who makes the most amazing bags and backpacks, sneak on over to Wooly Bison and take a peek!
 I am very much hoping to make it back to the blueberry bushes for one last go through this weekend. We need more! And I still haven't made blueberry jam yet-although I did make raspberry/blueberry jam and it was delicious!

 Here are a few sweet friends being silly and wearing their babies. My gal is always happy to stop into Bootyland with me when I drop of new things. There are usually playmates just itching to dress up or imagine something wonderful!
Now off to rest for me, The 3 of us are fighting a bit of summer sniffles and my head is aching. Hoping to wake up tomorrow without that puffy headed feeling. xo m

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