Thursday, August 23, 2012

lazy days of summer heat

Last week was full of overly hot days. Honestly, I don't need it to get over 75, um... like ever (unless I'm under a shady gazebo on the seaside or something). Still is was sweaty hot. Back sweat, face sweat... kinda gross. There were lots of little walks once the sun started to go down. One of our neighbors lets his chickens out onto his block and the first time we saw them it was pretty funny, a little gang of fancy hens clicking and clucking along.

 And quite a few trips to the frozen yogurt place, it's self serve and crazy air conditioned so it was a good chill out spot. Also, the library is air conditioned so we hung out there a lot.
 On Sunday we hit the farmers market early, at 10am, and it was already over 80 degrees.

  I've been noticing quite a few apples already on the ground here and there. It seems to early for that but I guess the apple trees know better than I do...
  My brother is getting married in October (in VA) and I have a goal of buying plane tickets in a week or two so it's been work work work. I'm spending today and tomorrow going through the house and my closet gathering more things for our yard sale /lemonade stand on Saturday. It'll be good!! If you ever have a yard sale get a square card reader (free), It was great to have!
  We're so excited that big brother gets home today! It's been 3 weeks (!!!) and we missed him a ton! off to make some breakfast and practice positive thinking.... xo m

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