Wednesday, August 15, 2012

home beautiful...

  We're entering a bit of a heat wave (for us) and I've been going crazy playing "get rid of it" and trying to craft our home into the space I really want it to be. Free of too much clutter, full of things we LOVE.  Pictures soon...
  I've been thinking of this space often, but honestly, this heat has my head a bit twisted around. I don't know when I became such a cool weather girl, but I am!! Temperatures above 80 degrees make me feel ill. When I haven't been trying to entertain my little one outside (under shady trees), we've been camped out in the house, in front of fans, reading and doing puzzles. I've been writing a lot (on the vamp book and a few memoir shorts) and daydreaming a bit too. Trying to really imagine what I want out of life/work/art/romance. Dreaming BIG and writing those thoughts down. But right now, I really hope the popsicles we made earlier are frozen! I want to put my feet up, eat one, listen to "this mortal coil" and write down a few ideas I had earlier...

   I've probably blogged this pic before but... Just to give you an idea of the sort of romantic ideal I have in mind... Nick Cave. Oh swooooon. A girl's gotta have dreams! xo m


  1. wow! this mortal coil! you just took me back to high school. what a trip! and nick cave, he IS the man! romantic ideal for sure!

  2. I agree a girls gotta have dreams!! The picture made me sigh like a giddy teenager lol!! ~I am doing the same getting rid of clutter and organizing for homeschool ~what else are you gonna do in this crazy heat ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  3. hehehe... And to think I dream of going to australia! How would i ever be able to handle the heat? Maybe I could go in the winter... xo m


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