Wednesday, September 5, 2012


  Oh California... I'm missing you. Last night I was looking through some silent film books from the library and of course... Now I miss Los Angeles. It's been too long since I was in my birth land.
  It occurred to me that our family movie night could benefit from some silent films. We usually end up watching something animated or very little kid (the littlest one won't sit through much else...) but silent films might work for everyone!

 Hollywood! I will see those hills soon! Here are a few of my favorite 1920s ladies. Such faces!! I love them so!
 Lillian Gish
 Pola Negri
 Zelda Fitzgerald
 Theda Bara
Mildred Davis

Now it's time for bed... Hopefully! I've been drinking coffee again and my sleep is all messed up. Time to switch back to my old buddy, Tea... xo m

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  1. Great idea we have been going through the Criterion collection on Hulu and watching old movies with our kids they love Alfred Hitchcock. I get tired of the little kid movies and all the crazy loudness of them and everything. Although I did like that Secret World of Arriety based on the borrowers but I love japanimation (did I spell that right?) ~Anyhow love the old pictures ...there is something so wonderful about black and white...~Love Heather


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