Monday, August 6, 2012

one of those mondays...

Today has been one of those days... Last week was a pretty full and somewhat stressful monster. My oldest left for his Dad's place for 3 whole weeks (!!!), and it feels so odd not having him around and he's such a help and good friend to his little sister. I'm a little bummed. Also pms-ing, and paying rent and...

 I was such a busy little sewing bee and made a ton of tank tops (all recycled vintage fabrics) over the weekend.
 They are making their way into my etsy shop (in the handmade section) over the next few days.
 This lady (me!!!) needs to make some serious cash cuz guess what? My camera broke today. True it was starting to act funny and has been on it's last leg for some time and I've had it for 3 years... but I did almost cry actual tears when it died.
 See above, my cute rack etc from the flea market I did yesterday. Well it was the hottest day of the year and no one came. But I was in good company and got to hang with Amy, Skip & Gwen in the sweltering hell oven, I mean art gallery...
Now I'm gonna brainstorm and maybe get a few pages done on the vamp book. It's happening. This book will be real! xo m


  1. sorry your missing your son...Your tanks look awesome though!! love how they turned out!! and It has been some record heat where we are 98 at 9am in the morning ugh I am staying in the ac today ~hmm I have not heard you talk about the vamp book wondering what it is ~Have fun working on it ~Love Heather

  2. it's been crazy hot (for here) lately... I wilt in the heat! yep, I'm writing a vampire book. I LOVE Vampire books (movies etc) and figured I should write one... 7 chapters so far... xo m


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