Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bittersweet summer...

   It's not just summer... All of life has it's bittersweet moments. I've had more than a few struggles this summer, everything seems a big transition at the moment. I envisioned a carefree summer of lounging lazy days but my reality is full of work and working on expanding/growing my business (and writing/finishing that book!!) so I will, in the future, work less... There have been so many sweet moments scattered throughout our busy days though!

 Patiently waiting for ice cream (and they have vegan ice cream at Molly Moons now-so I don't have to get their weird flavored sorbets).
 Thomas enjoying his last day outside. The next day I noticed a HUGE gaping wound (raccoon?) on his side and he had to be rushed off to surgery. This is the 3rd time in about 9 mos that he's had the same procedure for a fight club gash...
 Raspberry Jam!! My favorite! I NEED to pick raspberries again! NEED to!
 And here's what the dude looks like post surgery (and there went our $400 savings!). I would rather have this cat than a little vacation but.... Back to work...
  Oh marionberries... So lovely and huge and um, I'm really really allergic! it was like rubbing acid all over my mouth. So terrible and unpleasant and painful. I'm bummed, I made jam and picked about 2 flats worth and froze them and now I'm just giving them away. At least I have gifts already set aside for Winter Solstice- marionberry jam for everyone!
  Now I'm dreaming of watching something that is like My So Called Life but not actually MSCL (I just watched it a couple months ago and I can't watch it again...). I need some chill 90s light viewing fare. I've been sewing and sorting and mending and dying etc... Getting ready for a big sale I'm part of on Sunday. Crossing fingers to make a big slice of summer money. off to bed! xo m


  1. I hear ya my summer has not been quite as planned either ~but you just have to roll with it!! I spy your daughters cute waldorf doll, I make them and I am making a cute little red headed one right now but I can't decide on the outfit ~our dogs seem to get in as much trouble as your kitty the vets office is a great way to get rid of your savings quickly we have done this a few times already this summer!! Oh allergic not good pretty berries though! they look like black berries. ~Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer Love Heather

  2. have you watched Freaks and Geeks? set in the late 70's but made just a year or two after MSCL in the late 90's. totally great highschool angst.

  3. yes!! I loved freaks and geeks also! sigh...


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