Friday, July 27, 2012

raspberries & responsibities

  Summer is a time for berry picking (and jam making and crisp making and freezing as many as possible for the winter months ahead). We get out and pick every kind of berry we can but raspberries are my favorite.
  This summer seems a bit bittersweet. As much as I want to relax and enjoy the sunny days and fit infinite fun into each one, I have the added (relatively new-this time around) pressure of being a single parent. I'm working more than ever, pretty much every spare moment and after the kids go to bed until around 11pm or (gasp) midnight. Trying to work on my book after that, if I'm not collapsing into sleep.. I think about bills constantly and when the money comes in (in whatever amounts) it's always spoken for and funneled into bills bills bills oh and rent... As bummed and dysfunctional as my previous partnership became, there were good aspects to it and being part of a 2 parent household was a luxury I took somewhat for granted. I don't want to complain but this path I'm on is hard! I'm grateful that I am resourceful and that I live in a community and state that has helpful resources available. But sigh... I remember last summer... It seems all we did was lounge by the water and pick berries and go on lovely outings day in and out. The outings are fewer and farther between but I'm making a real effort to do a little something fun and just easy everyday. Even if it's just a walk to the park.

   The day we made it tot the raspberry field ended up turning quite warm and none of us had the stamina to endure the sun for long. We still managed to pick almost 2 flats full of perfect pink berries. Jam was made, too many consumed and a few frozen. I hope we get back there early next week before the raspberry season is through.
   I dream of the country life. My oldest (total city kid) does not. My little one enjoys it to a degree but isn't tolerant of the sun. I still dream daily of owning our own farm filled with all sorts of animals and bees bees bees. It's coming...

   Children all overheated and snacking in the sliver of shade next to the car. And now, I must get back to the real work. Cutting pinning and sewing all weekend long. xo m


  1. I can't imagine how tough it must be doing it on your own, but hang in there your only one person there is only so much you can do, and by the sounds of it your doing it and then some!! great idea with the berry picking we always talk about doing this although I think I would eat all the berries before we even make it home lol!!

  2. Being a single mama, is so hard, I salute you. My own mom did a stellar job with me, yet she remembers my childhood with such guilt. I just thought I had the best one and the best mom, since they were the ones I got. Remember to be yourself, give yourself time to enjoy the things you do. I do hope you get a summer brake. We're coming to seattle in the end of the month for to take C's grandma to a art show. Maybe meet up then? Coffee or something? It's the last weekend.

  3. @milla, totally! I'm trying to rent a yurt at doe bay at some point during the end of august... email me via etsy and we can exchange info so we can make a plan!! would love to see you and hang for a bit.
    xo m


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