Thursday, June 7, 2012

seasame seeds & epipens...

  After all the years of guessing and wondering about food allergies, it turns out my little one is more allergic to the environmental allergens. Let's see, um, cats, grass, pollen, dust, pretty much everything except mold-phew- pretty good since here in the nw there in mold everywhere!! My gal has asthma pretty intensely and two major food allergies for which we have to carry an epipen. Damn you peanuts and sesame seeds! She has a complete aversion to both and would never (thank goodness) eat either willingly but we had a pretty major scare last night...
   I was eating hummus and dipping bread in it and got up to get my tea. She swiped the bread of my plate and took it into the playroom and started nibbling on it. She came running back into the kitchen saying "ewww, something wet was on it!" and then I realized that the piece of bread had hummus on it and she had eaten it and there are SESAME SEEDS IN HUMMUS!! Anaphylaxis is pretty unpredictable and often hard to know what's even going on until it's serious... After a call to the allergy dr and a calming talk with the on call dr (plus a dose of antihistamines) I chilled out a little and just watched & waiting... All turned out well but it is just so nerve wrecking (I'm an anxiety ridden person as is...) having to deal with severe allergies... I'm going to take a chill day with my little one today and just relax and read books, splash in a few puddles and go to the library... It raining cats and dogs again... xo m


  1. Ugh sorry to hear about your allergy scare. I grew up with severe food allergies and my mom frequently had to rush me to the hospital we did not have an epipen. I was allergic to so many foods. Now I have a few still not as many and Asthma. My children thankfully do not have any life threatening allergies just mild ones, but they do all have Asthma. I always wonder what it was like for my Mom it really is scary, I think the thing I remember most was her being very calm it helped so much to keep me calm. Enjoy your day of relaxation!! ~Love Heather

  2. you all have asthma? oh my, it's so terrible and scary... winter is the worst, every little cold triggers the asthma... i try so hard to be calm... last night i was talking to the on call dr and he was asking me what medications she had taken that day and i was like :um, one's really expensive... let me go get the bottle." cuz i couldn't say the name i was so frazzled... i look forward to one day buying property in a warm dry place! xo


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