Sunday, June 3, 2012


   May was a challenge. Along with work being a bit slower than usual, my little lady has continued acting out and is upset that her Dad doesn't live with us anymore. She becomes so woeful that it sometimes brings me to tears.... Just trying to be patient and hoping things will improve but it hasn't been the most pleasant time...
 I cut of most all of my hair. It was time... Chin length. It feels so nice and free and healthy! It feels free.  I think this new chapter of my life needed new hair.
   There have been lots of biscuit days. We all love them so much. Our jam supply is dangerously low. Just in time for berry picking. We hope to get out there next weekend and pick strawberries!
    Tending the succulents. They are so easy and prehistorically pretty.
   Alphabetizing the records was a BIG deal! I found so many wonderful records (um, the soundtrack to Legend!) I pretty much forgot about!
 Right now I'm working on a wholesale order for a lovely store in Portland (rad summer), and making a few new summer blends...
Huge and delicate poppies are everywhere!! So gorgeous. We had a few in our garden a couple years ago but the weeds seem to have smothered them out, there is much weeding that needs to be done. The garden is in A STATE... There just hasn't bee the time to spare... xo m


  1. Cute Hair sometimes a haircut is such a nice liberating change isn't it ~ Oh I am drooling over your record collection. And oh Yum on the jam! and what a cute little butterfly you have next to your poppies ;) ~Love Heather

  2. Oh Man! I love RAD SUMMER!!!
    Your little lady is growing growing growing! I'm not in the cyberland much these days learning 'bout single mom life in a much different way than before. **Hugs to you in your changes!**


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