Wednesday, May 23, 2012

it's gloomy here, but flowers are blooming!

And there are treats.... Been doing well with eating vegan. not so good at avoiding the sugar and coffee... It's been 4 days without coffee. 4 looong days! With weird little headaches. It's cool, I'll get through it. Such a battle, this coffee addiction, but it really makes me feel crazy in the worst sort of way. Like I'm on edge and everything is about to make me snap... We made cinnamon rolls the other day, um for dinner... I was making rolls and thought, why not just use the bread recipe to make cinnamon rolls?! it was delicious!
 oh, my friend, green tea. yep, lots and lots of tea. I need to make a new blend or two, that'll make tea time a bit more fun round here!
 Wisteria is blooming everywhere! Purple and yellow droopy fantasy blooms! I love them, I need to look into when to plant wisteria cuz I want some BAD!!

Nearly at the end of our brief lilac season. The flowers are getting little brown bits on them... I need to hop outside and gather up one last bouquet today. Off to run errands and try to work with a 4 year old who is being an extreme challenge these days. Being shuttled to and fro with no real rhythm is really throwing her off and she's been biting, hitting and saying terrible things to me... I'm trying to be patient and re-read all my waldorf gentle parenting books... It is hard. xo m

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