Monday, March 12, 2012

one of those weeks...

  Our kitty, Domino was in the hospital for a whole week! Now that she's home she doesn't seem much like herself, hopefully still recovering, but very quiet and nervous and her back legs will be partially paralyzed permanently so no more outside for her. She no longer has that cat ability to always land on her feet, it's really sad...

    I've been working everyday and am feeling more than a little burnt out but, with the pressure of looming bills, I have no choice. Looking forward to a day of, in the not so distant horizon...
   The little lady has been a great helper. On sunny days, taking pictures is easy (not so on days like yesterday when my hat kept blowing away!) and she comes outside to assist. See those shoes? Bright green Dr. Martins mary janes! Score of the week to be sure!
  Today i s for more spring cleaning (and a little work), really trying to make room and get rid of the junk that is just clutter and not needed at all... We're in the middle of an icy wind storm. Last week I was so sure that spring has arrived (so many warm and sunny days) but winter stepped in to make sure she gets the last word.  Happy Monday friends! xo m

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  1. Happy Monday to you, lady! I am glad that kitty is better.Our cat, Freya, lives inside, too and sometimes I feel bad for her. Those green Doc's are a major score and so cute on your little miss!!


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