Tuesday, February 28, 2012

visions of love...

  The other day I was finishing up some work pictures, feeling more than a little taxed/stressed/kinda (ok totally) caffeinated, and I spotted a little wisp of something in pale chartreuse flutter by my feet. I put my finger down and it lumbered on. maybe a little tired from a busy day of flitting about? This moth/butterfly creature was stuck to me like glue and my tension instantly evaporated under the weightlessness of her velvety body. I tried to find a few good spots for her to rest on but she didn't want to remove herself from my finger.
   I walked about the yard for a couple more minutes trying to find a suitable spot for my winged friend to relax and then when I showed her my growing garlic patch she sauntered right in and flapped her wings a few times in approval. I was so elated and filled with such a strong feeling of love for hours.
  There is just so much beauty to behold when I chose to see it. 
I am so looking forward to spring and garden times. Happiness! xo m

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  1. this is so so so sweet- you have a new friend! and she is SUCH a pretty color. i love how you guys connected! (-:


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