Thursday, January 19, 2012

snowed in...

   Yes, the snow is here. Seattle is a ghost town, everyone at home on lock down. The lights keep flickering. I actually had to drive out to childrens hospital in the blizzard yesterday morning (an ear infection on top of a nasty cold had my girl coughing like crazy with a high fever) and at first I was scared but it was actually pretty chill and really beautiful and no one was out on the roads. It felt good to try something hard/frightening and push through it to get something done, coming out on the other side just fine!

 It was just too cold to stay outside for more than 15 mins or so. I was desperately bribing with cocoa to come back in.
 I broke down and had a little coffee (75% decaf) yesterday. so so good!
 and this morning, more snow. covering up all the footsteps and trails. It's still snowing hard now and the sky is the darkest grey. It's obviously pretty but I love to get outside and go do things. As much as I'm a homebody, the day is usually punctuated with numerous trips outside of the home.
  This picture was taken from inside the chicken run. They are NOT happy about the snow, or the fact that I had to grease down their combs and wattles (we had a few spots of frostbite last year and Sadie lost most of her comb) with vaseline... The hens won't even step into the snow. It's sooo deep!
  I guess today is a chane to really clean out the kitchen drawers etc... happy snow! xo m   

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