Friday, January 20, 2012

friday link loves...

   There's still a lot of snow on the ground but it's raining and melting and I think things will be back on track tomorrow.  It's been hard to really enjoy the snowy prettiness of it all. The little lady has been terribly sick and just as she improved the rest of us came down with (I hope!) the same nasty cold. It seems like the winter is just one cold after another. I've had a lot of time to catch up on internet based things (I had been making a real effort to spend very little time online but with being snowed in and everyone ill... well you know...).
Here's what I'm loving right now:

*ahhh pinterest. what a fun and lovely little time waster! I'm here so check it out...
*netflix kept suggesting united states of tara and I finally gave in and ripped through all 3 seasons in about 5 days. I really enjoyed it but season 3 is kind of a mess...
*will the Ryan Gosling goodness ever end? I hope not.
*I super wanna try this! I hope it works, we'll see.
*this recipe makes me wanna dig out the old crock pot.
*Chelsea Wolfe is so RAD! How did I just know find out about her magicalness?
*I'm wanting to make some valentines paper garlands kinda like this...
*seriously, this lady is amazing!

So tomorrow will find me slaving away at my sewing machine. My etsy store is being pretty (blehhhh) bad this month. I haven't sold a stitch in 10 days (um but I haven't listed anything new since the 9th...) and I'm determined to list a batch of handmade clothes & herbal items next. My calendula/chamomile infused oil was ready today so I can make a few potions with that for the shop... off to sleep. well, maybe not yet, but I need something new to watch...? xo m

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